Backdating contracts verbal contracts and contract splitting are considered to

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For the next few years they each drew small salaries and distributed the balance of income via equally shared dividends.taxpayer who carried out minor duties only.

The dividend payments escaped Nic, and in addition any amount Mrs.

Note that the higher rate is payable if food sales exceeds bar sales – by however small margin, and that the same flat rate must be applied to the whole of the trader’s operation: the legislation does not allow a trader to operate different flat rates for different parts of his business.keeping system is required, either to convince the VAT Inspector that food sales account for less than half of turnover, or to warn the trader that the 50% limit is about to be breached.

However, the Special Commissioner decided that the whole of the expenditure was incurred for the purpose of benefiting the coach business by the promotion of the name and the facilities it offered.

The fact that it gave him satisfaction was merely a consequential and incidental effect of the expenditure. The marketing advantage was not vague and uncertain (often the case with marketing expenditure) but clear and successful, the evidence demonstrating a direct correlation between the sponsorship and the gaining of new purpose that would lead to the expenditure being disallowed is more likely to be viewed by HMRC where the sponsored person is a relative of the controlling director.

An hotelier in France took deposits from guests who booked rooms in advance.

A dispute over the VAT due on these deposits arose where retained by the hotelier because of the guests cancelling the booking; were the remuneration for the reservation service and subject to VAT, or cancellation payments to compensate for the loss of a guest’s custom and therefore not subject to VAT?

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