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In fact we eat them all the time - IN THE SUMMER, when they are in season.

Like most European countries, we only eat organic/locally grown veggies.

February 26, 2008 PM Pica said: Keep dishing it up as you see fit Tony! It's unrealistic to expect every adventure to be perfect. said: Tony - I enjoy watching your show and look forward to it every week.

The only seemingly saving grace was the party in the country with the locals. Good for you for sticking to your guns and being honest about what really happened -- regardless of whether or not people wanted to hear it. February 26, 2008 PM John Geyer said: when did you give up smoking? Good thing my Dad, who was born there, spoke the language -- if not for him I would have been arrested at the airport for carrying secret codes. I'm very happy all my Dad's relatives managed to emigrate out of there well before Ceaucescu was overthrown. : DIts one of those Iceland moments all over again! February 26, 2008 PM Jennifer Ouellette said: Now I really want to see this episode. February 26, 2008 PM Elayne Riggs said: My goodness, if people think Romania isn't friendly in 2008, they should have seen it when I went, as a naive little teenager, back in '73. In other words, the Romanians are a JUSTIFIABLY PARANOID people.Thanks for sharing your REAL experiences on and off screen, Rae February 26, 2008 PM not a romanian said: Taking a Russian to Romania? Is he some sort of an east Europe/formenr Soviet Union expert?He's from Moscow, and therefore belongs only on that show.

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