Dating facebook doesnt reply

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Save your “dating capital” for a woman that’s a better investment.Believe me…you can do better than a woman who perceives you as unworthy of a 30 second text to acknowledge your effort.Take the high road and create some good dating karma by practicing compassion for her for not being as evolved and willing to take risk as you are. She couldn’t answer the bell and if she gave you her info in the first place, then she’s clearly confused about what she wants. Dating can be a series of false starts, hiccups and challenging situations.Use the journey as an opportunity to learn about yourself and step you closer to the person you want to be with.

If this guy doesn’t text her often, she assumes it must mean he doesn’t really like her because when she likes someone she would never, , leave them hanging.Don’t Be Creepy or Angry She could have handled the situation better, but she didn’t That is no reason for you to go nuts and take any kind of creepy course of action.If you are contemplating an action that you think might be potentially creepy, think no more…it is.This Is A Reflection of Her, Not of You You know what…maybe you did say something that turned her off or made her lose interest before you got started, but you tried. You put yourself out there and asked for her number/email/social media link/satellite coordinates/whatever and you allowed yourself to be vulnerable (I know…you hate that word).Feel good about your genuine effort to connect with someone who interested you and most importantly KEEP DOING IT!

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