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The Yocto Project, however, employs mechanisms, that in a sense, result in a kernel source generator.

By the end of this section, this analogy will become clearer.

The GC process does not clean up the permanent generation space (Perm Gen).

This space stores metadata descriptions of classes.

The default value is set too small and it could trigger an out-of-memory error such as the following: diff --git a/plugins/org.doc.user/html/dev-manual/b/plugins/org.doc.user/html/dev-manual/new file mode 100644 index 0000000..d8f9b5f --- /dev/null b/plugins/org.doc.user/html/dev-manual/@@ -0,0 1,24 @@ You can install the Eclipse Yocto Plug-in into the Eclipse IDE one of two ways: use the Yocto Project's Eclipse Update site to install the pre-built plug-in, or build and install the plug-in from the latest source code.

If you don't want to permanently install the plug-in but just want to try it out within the Eclipse environment, you can import the plug-in project from the Yocto Project source repositories.

The Yocto Project Development Manual, however, does provide detailed examples on how to create a Board Support Package (BSP), change the kernel source code, and reconfigure the kernel.

You can find this information in the appendices of the manual.

However, if you currently have the Indigo 3.7.2 version installed and you do not want to upgrade the IDE, you can configure Indigo to work with the Yocto Project.The following figure displays this concept: kernel is modified for specific hardware or types of kernels, such as real-time kernels.Each leaf thus represents the end-point for a kernel designed to run on a specific targeted device.Also keep in mind that this structure represents the Yocto Project source repositories that are either pulled from during the build or established on the host development system prior to the build by either cloning a particular kernel's Git repository or by downloading and unpacking a tarball.Storage of all the available kernel source code is one thing, while representing the code on your host development system is another.

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