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'The fact she’s head of the royal palaces, which should all be left to rot anyway.'And the fact she was particularly spiteful to me when we met.

'She just had a few needly comments – there I was on Master Chef as a judge with her and I was in a bow tie eating posh food, so I’m not working class. ' It is not clear exactly what was said when they met on Masterchef.

Horrible Histories writer Terry Deary has launched an attack on his TV rival Lucy Worsley, claiming that she was 'particularly spiteful' to him when they met.

The children's author, 71, said the historian had a 'posh little voice', before describing her as a 'b****'.

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' Ms Worsley, whose new programme British History's Biggest Fibs is currently being shown on the BBC, is not the only historian that Deary has had a public spat with.

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