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Instead I'd rather forget about that and just move on. Additionally, barring hotfixes, or smaller balances, the next one should be a larger one with new characters (3, if I know how to count). In a few hours, Mecha Naruto will be removed from the game. Nara Shikaku The father of Nara Shikamaru, and the head of the Nara clan, Shikaku is a cool-headed Jounin of Konoha who will go to any lengths to protect his friends and family.As a machine, he can manipulate his body in a variety of manners, even assuming a three-tailed form of its own.Created by: Sahedy is a fansite based on the Naruto Anime and Manga series. We offer you all the best in online 2 player games and much more.We started out as a strictly multiplayer games site, but we've also gathered many other games since. You can filter and rank games based on poularity, ranking, votes and more.

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