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The British hoped that this political party would serve to quell growing resistance to British rule by co-opting some of India's most politically aware and educated individuals into working within the bounds of British rule.

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D., via sailors from establishments in Kerala and Tamilnadu. By 1600 the British established a presence in India through the East India Company, a trading company that exported raw materials like spices out of India to the West.It was decided that India was the land of the Hindus and Pakistan would be the land of the Muslims. Nehru and his political party, the Congress, remained in power until his death in 1964.Leaving a lasting legacy, Nehru molded independent India's economy, society, and polity.One of the world's oldest civilizations, the Indus Valley civilization (2500-1700 B.C.), flourished across present-day India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

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